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Provincial Labour Office Rayong


Coastal plain consists of sedimentary deposits from the pool area Rayong River Basin. And the slope opposite hill and mountain.Resembles a high wave, low ripple vice versa. And the vertical space mountain 2 mountain water is drunk east. Higher sea level and 1,035-meter mountain at approximately the vertical center of the province. Length of the city district to the north and most provinces. A small hill that is over his fat in his trunk in his peak Bank districts Bganceai and pull his position, he moved his mouse upside down in da Muang District, Rayong. River 2 critical line length is approximately 50 kilometers, Rayong River flowing through local districts pluakdeaeng . Amphoe Muang Rayong Bganceai flow into the sea at Tambon Paknam. Muang Rayong. River’s long-established and take approximately 25 kilometers from its source in the mountain province of Chantaburi. Area of flow. Subdistrict they leach into the sea, Mount Klaeng take the ground’s estuary district Klaeng.


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